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Shocking Energy is an innovative company built from experienced Energy industry professionals dedicated to creating software and services using the latest AI technology to streamline energy systems.

System Consultants for the Energy Industry: Our experienced team can help in integrating major energy industry systems including: Electralink, REC, DCC, Xoserve, Elexon, EES, MPAS, MDD and many others.

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Services - EV Charge Point Installation and Regulations

Shocking Energy enables EV charge installers to become a Meter Equipment Manager (MEM), Electricity Meter Operator (EMO), and Safe Isolation Provider (SIP) to undertake regulated work, including de-energisation, re-energisation, and fault reporting to Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) and suppliers.

  • EV Charge Point Installation and Regulations.
    • Standard Accreditation process for MEM, EMO and SIP with REC
    • SIP API to automatically process Jobs and send Market Messages
    • Installation: De-energisation and re-energisation steps with accurate reporting to suppliers and DNOs.
    • Issue Handling: Notifies of any issues or safety concerns during the process.
  • Software Solutions.
    • For EV Charge Installers: Tailored software that simplifies and optimises the installation and management of EV charging stations.
    • APIs for Market Messages: APIs designed for SIP Market Messaging, enabling seamless data exchange and system integration.
  • Accreditation Consulting.
    • Regulatory Compliance: Providing guidance and support to achieve industry certifications such as MEM, EMO, and SIP, for maintaining regulatory compliance.

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